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What is MultiBootCD (MBCD)?

MBCD is a shell script to make a customised CD-ROM that can boot any kind and number of image files.

Currently 4 types of images are supported:

Note that using more than one Knoppix image is currently not possible, but may be in a future version. And of course you can't use the original 700MB Knoppix version (unless you use 800MB CDR blanks). See below for some smaller alternatives.

MBCD is licensed under the GNU GPL.



Get the tarball (version 0.4a)


See the README.

What to put on the CD

The choices are endless. Here are some examples:

Floppy images A collection of DOS and Windows bootdisks. Use unzip to decompress the EXE files.
Boot Disk Project Bootdisks for almost all MS-DOS and Windows versions
Bart's Network Boot Disk A network boot disk for connecting to a network share on a Windows 9x/ME/NT4/2000/XP or Linux Samba machine.
tomsrtbt The most famous Linux-on-a-floppy. Use the 2.88M version!
ibiblio/linux/system/recovery Lots of mini Linux distros.
TuffTEST PC diagnostic utility. Standard version $9.95, free version with limited functionality
Powerquest PartitionMagic Good and expensive harddisk partioning program
FreeDOS A free, MS-DOS compatible operating system. Use the file fdboot.img
NT Password & Registry Editor Very useful if you "forgot" your Windows NT/2k/XP password.

Knoppix variants

Knoppix Customizations See this page for a list of Knoppix derivatives.
Damn Small Linux 50 MB
Flonix 60 MB
MiniKnoppix 200 MB
Local Area Security 185 or 210MB; with lots of security tools

Binary Images

Memtest86 A Stand-alone Memory Diagnostic. Use the file precomp.bin.
Memtest+ Enhanced version of Memtest

Useful DOS programs

Copy them on a bootable DOS floppy and use the image with MBCD.

TestDisk Tool to check and undelete partitions
FIPS Non-destructive splitting of harddisk partitions

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